Rip Care

1. clean area, trim any excess skin away

2. apply antibiotic cream, Vit E oil, or other emoliant to keep area soft and allow healing

3. tape grips or "new skin" during practice to keep area protected if there is an open rip

4. clean and moisturize again after practice

5. keep caluses filed down with pumice stone or similar will help prevent further rips



Meet Season Checklist:

Several months before the meet

  • Book hotel room
  • Keep in mind some meets happen on Fridays plan your weekend accordingly


2-3 weeks before the meet

  • Schedule for meet will be emailed out
  • Check age group/level for child
  • Update hotel room


One week before the meet

  • Verify day/time gymnast competes – double check age group
  • Verify location of venue
  • Check weather and update travel plans if needed
  • Verify hotel room

Day of meet

  • Plan to arrive at venue 30-60 minutes prior to session
  • Bring cash, not all venues take CC
    • Admission, snacks, and t-shirts, etc
  • Enjoy! Take pictures, have fun!

Meet Checklist:

  • Competition Wear
    • Competition leo
    • Warmup jacket and pants
    • extra leo (just in case)
    • any under leo garments -underwear/bras
  • USAG card downloaded to phone-likely not necessary but just in case
  • Grips - ***********Important************
  • 2nd pair if you have one
    • Wrist band (for under grips)
    • tape, Band-Aids, pre-wrap, etc.
  • Hair stuff bag – come to venue with hair done
  • ponies
  • bun stuff
  • bobby pins
  • hair spray
  • brush/comb
  • Nail Polish remover