Recreational Classes
Girls Intro to Gymnastics (age 5 & up)
This class is designed for girls who have no or minimal experience with gymnastics. In this class girls will learn basic gymnastics skills and terms.
Girls Intermediate
This class is created for girls who have completed an intro gymnastics class and are ready for next step. Girls must have completed girls intro and received completion certificate or receive coach approval if previous training at another facility to register for girls intermediate. Please contact us prior to registering if any questions.
Girls Advanced
This is class is for girls who have previous experience with gymnastics. Girls in this class should be able to do a pull over and back hip circle on bars, handstand forward roll, round off. Please contact us prior to registration if you are unsure.
Ninja - Boys (ages 6 & up)
Ninjas will start each day working on their Ninja skills and then continue to work on strength and flexibility on our six men's apparatus , Pommel Horse, Rings, Floor, Parallel Bars, Vault. In our ninja classes, boys will learn a combination of flips, rolls, and jumps in combination with strength and agility courses.
Pregym (3 to 4 year olds)
These 45-minute classes are for boys and girls. The classes are designed to teach your child basic gymnastics skills, gross motor skills, improve balance, coordination, flexibility and body awareness. Your child will start learning to do skills independently. In addition to gymnastics the child will learn valuable social skills, like following simple directions, taking turns, and patience.
Boys Intro
This class is designed for boys who have little, or no experience in gymnastics but are excited to get moving. Boys will have an opportunity to work skills on all 6 apparatus; rings, high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, floor, and vault. In addition boys will spend time on strength and flexibility.
Jr Ninja (4 & 5 year olds)
Entry level to the all-new sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, obstacle training, and freestyle movement. CLASS GOAL: Listening skills, confidence, trying new things, working through frustration and manners. Coed ages 4-5 year olds.
Parent Tot (Ages 1 to 3)
We are dedicated to creating early positive experiences with health, fitness, and sports. Our parent tot classes are the first step in creating confidence in young children! In an organized, yet playful structure. This is a great environment to allow your child to learn and understand what it means to follow instruction, and of course, get them moving! Class goals: listening skills, fundamental movement, coordination, fine and gross motor skill development, socialization & body awareness so kids learn to fall safely! Classes are instructor guided with parent assistance.
Our tumbling classes are for girls or boys who are wanting to learn to tumble whether it's for dance, for cheerleading, or just for fun! Our beginner classes focus on learning cartwheels, round-offs , back walkovers, and an introduction to front tumbling.
Our intermediate to adv class focuses on round-off back handspring, and back tucks, and continues to build on front tumbling.